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The Perfect Balayage
April 17, 2024

The Perfect Balayage

No hairstyle embodies the perfect combination of effortlessly chic and low maintenance better than balayage. It's no wonder balayage hair has become a favourite for those seeking a fresh, vibrant look without the constant upkeep of regular highlights.

At Love Hair, we see your hair as a canvas for your personality to shine through—naturally, healthily and beautifully. We understand your desire for your hair colour to be unique to you, and we're here to guide you through your journey to achieve the perfect balayage in Singapore. 

What is balayage hair?

Imagine the soft, warm colours of natural highlights, without any harsh lines. That's what balayage hair represents. The traditional balayage technique seeks to mimic the effects of the sun on your hair. It accentuates those places around your face, which brightens the finer hair near your hairline, giving you a soft and warm look, like you’ve been naturally kissed by the sun.

The traditional, French technique of balayage hair is executed freehand, exposing your hair with the product to the open air and creating a soft, warm lift. Traditionally no foil is used during the process. The open air oxidises the colour quicker, creating a natural look that's both gorgeous and authentic.

The evolution of balayage

Balayage is a broad term these days. It’s an umbrella word that covers a wide spectrum of balayage techniques that evolved with the style and even includes ombre hair. 

Over the past few decades, balayage hair has evolved tremendously. It first evolved almost like a dip dye, with solid ends of lightness. Next came ombre hair entered the scene. Ombre hair has natural roots that become slightly lighter in the mid-section and even lighter at the end. In more recent times, balayage has evolved further and while the natural root is maintained, the lightness has gone higher closer to the root, giving it a well-blended but gradually brighter look.

Traditional balayage hair was all about warm tones, but client preferences have evolved. Now, brighter, ashier tones are in demand. Unfortunately, achieving this with traditional freehand techniques can be challenging. The heat from foils is needed to insulate the colour, allowing the bleach to work more effectively and ensuring the colour stays saturated and capable of achieving the desired level of brightness.

At Love Hair, education and adaptation to evolving styles have always been our top priority. Being one of the biggest trends over the years, we’ve paid special attention to balayage training and have spent years educating our stylists on balayage trends and new techniques. You can read all about our extensive training process here.  

Our dedication to keep evolving has garnered us the spot as the top pick for balayage in Hong Kong and now, in our Singapore salon. Balayage hair is one of our specialties. Regular training sessions keep our stylists on top of every evolution in balayage and we constantly play around with inspirations that we see within the industry and on social media.

Balayage vs Highlights

The language of hairstyling and colouring has changed over the last 10 years, often leaving clients uncertain and unable to choose: balayage vs highlights. 

How do you distinguish balayage vs highlights? This is where our stylists come in - they’ll guide you through the process, ensuring your hair goals can be reached.

Here’s the quick comparison between balayage vs highlights:

  • Traditional balayage offers softer, warmer lightness towards the end of the hair without any foils, usually painted freehand. 
  • More modern balayage techniques offer colour further up the midsection of the hair involving a mixture of foil highlights and freehand painting.
  • Highlights involve foils and the colour comes from very close to the root.

With highlights, the stylist selects the size of the weave and pattern and repeats it through the whole head or sections of the hair. 

With balayage, it’s all about making the line of demarcation blended beautifully. Each section needs to be assessed to work out where the lightness should start and how to connect it to other sections of the hair seamlessly. It’s a much more creative process - that’s why it takes a huge amount of continuous training. 

The evolution of techniques over the years have brought a variety of new styles and names including:

  • Lived-in blonde
  • Caramel brunettes
  • Baby lights
  • Teesy lights
  • Sparkle lights

These unique results are borne from a combination of techniques. Rest assured, the stylists at Love Hair are seasoned professionals trained extensively on these techniques and will deliver the best results based on your end goal.

If you’re not sure whether you want balayage vs highlights this is exactly what you can discuss at your complimentary consultation with our stylists.  

Balayage in Singapore: What to expect at Love Hair

Balayage is a technique that creates natural-looking roots with brightness blossoming towards the ends - and in the same way, Love Hair is all about bringing that sunshine to your lovely locks in the most natural, personalised way possible. Whether you're seeking something subtly sun-kissed ombre hair or boldly dimensional, we've got you covered.

When you decide to get a balayage in Singapore, expect a session of detailed consultation. Here’s what it would entail:

  • Firstly we discuss where you are now in your hair journey and what your end goal is. 
  • Then together we will create a map on how to get to your desired goal.
  • We will show you images of different options and guide you through the process, analysing your hair's roots, mid-length and ends. 
  • Following this, we will anticipate your desired outcome and design a bespoke colour pattern for your hair.

Our approach to balayage in Singapore is bespoke. Here are some of principles of our balayage process:

  • It's all about you - your current hair story and where you'd love to be. We're here to make that journey as seamless and delightful as possible.
  • For those with darker hair, achieving your ideal colour might take a few sessions, but patience is the key to preserving your hair's health and vibrancy. We promise, it's worth the wait.
  • We hold your hair's health as a top priority - which means we'll never over-process in a single day. Your trust and hair are too precious for that.
  • A full head balayage can take up to 4.5 hours. While it may seem long, think of this as your little escape - a time to relax and look forward to your stunning transformation.
  • Maintenance is blissfully low: A tone and gloss refresh every 2-3 months and a full head touch-up every 6 months. For those who love their hair looking freshly done at all times, we recommend a half head top up at 3 months and a full head every 6 months.
  • Compared to traditional highlights, which call for touch-ups every 6-8 weeks, balayage is a breath of fresh air.
  • For our clients with greying hair, you can still enjoy balayage with root tints, as the balayage technique does not start from the roots.

The services we offer on balayage in Singapore do not follow the traditional colour booking slots - it doesn’t quite work for us so we've created a dedicated Balayage menu on our website. This ensures accurate timing for each bespoke service. 

Balayage options include:

  • Halo: A delightful top-up adding a pop of light light and dimension around your face to create a face-framing effect that mimics the kiss of sunlight. It’s like bottling that Singapore sunshine and framing your face with it.
  • Power Pairing: Essentially, a half head. Think of this as the dynamic duo of balayage maintenance - perfect for keeping your hair’s colour vibrant.
  • Full Works: Ideal for balayage newbies or those ready for a full refresh after 12 weeks. It’s the whole work to achieve that beautiful balayage effect.

Not sure what to book? That’s what our consultation is for. We’ll guide you through the options and book the perfect amount of time to achieve your hair goals.

At Love Hair, we aspire to make balayage in Singapore our utmost expertise, just like in our sister salon in Hong Kong. We are dedicated to crafting the best salon experience that not only achieves your hair goals but feels seamless in the process. 


Balayage in Singapore is an all-time favourite style, but balayage is more than just a simple hair colouring technique. It's an art form that has evolved over the years and requires a skilled and knowledgeable stylist who is up to date with the trends. 

Thankfully, achieving that perfect balayage hair is a quick appointment away with Love Hair. We're committed to providing the perfect balayage experience that is uniquely crafted for you. Check out our Balayage menu on and let’s add a spark of that Singapore sunshine in your hair.

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