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As stylists, we continue to learn from each other and adapt to our clients’ needs. We have seen the art of hair colour change dramatically since we started our careers. Gone are the days where it was as simple as a half or full head of highlights or lowlights. Nowadays we need to use a combination of techniques such as balayage, baby lights, free hand and much, much more to meet the demands of our clients’.

With that in mind, we have created our very own colour menu to help our clients better understand what their colour appointment at LoveHair will entail. Here you can find a sampling of what we have done for previous clients to give you an idea of how long it will take and the costs. We encourage you to come in for a free 15-minute consultation so that we can agree on what you would like, the techniques we will use and to give you a quote and set your expectations for the length of time your appointment will take.

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Highlights / Babylights

Highlights are a classic technique. They create a more even result, starting directly from the root using a weaving method to soften a hard colour line.

We use one colour or combine a mixture of colours, depending on your desired results.

Piggy Back Foils

Highlights and lowlights in each weaved section to add dimension back into over highlighted hair. This creates a softer grow out and gives you back the traditional highlighted look.

Global or Root Touch-up

Retouching roots to ends to provide complete coverage. Using Kevin Murphys Ammonia-free permanent colour, you can expect coverage of greys, vibrant colours and extra shine from the honey-based colour.

Global Gloss (Semi-permanent)

Gloss colour blends away the first signs of grey hair and fades gently out over time with no visible lines of re-growth.
Does not provide 100% coverage, so it gives a soft colour feel.

Blonde Angels

Bleach full head or root touch up. This treatment is a bold statement colour. It covers 100% of the hair strands bringing the colour to a bright, clean blonde.

Your target shade would be agreed upon first so we can tone the bleach to your desired shade. Global toner included.


Are used to adjust the shade of your hair. Toners typically last 10-20 washes.

Maximise your home-care routine to lengthen the time in between you having to have a refresh.

Global Toner (1 colour) $50
Zone toning (2-3 colours) $100

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Teasy Lights

Is a fantastic technique that adds subtle, lighter pieces to your hair by lightning from the mid-shaft to the ends (leaving your hair still rooty).

Root Smudge

Means to smudge or blur out the roots. This is effective for creating those lived in blonde looks, keeping the style low maintenance.


Is done by hand painting carefully chosen sections for the desired effect, not using any foil, to create a seamless blend. You end up with softer regrowth, a softer lift, and a warm finish.


Are a delicately fine-weaved highlight used for a subtle addition of colour.


Is the same technique as freehand, but using foils to aid the lifting process to achieve a brighter blonde.


Is created by using hairline foils along the perimeter of your head.


Colour used just through your parting on the top of your head.


Crown, parting, and halo.


Full coverage from neck to front hairline.

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