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Balayage is a bespoke & artistic way of colouring the hair. It is a combination of techniques used to balance light and dark colour throughout the hair, taking the face shape, maintenance goals & style into consideration.

Balayage hair doesn’t have to be dramatic or overly noticeable – sometimes it’s as simple as subtly illuminating your hair to light brown with a pinch of colour. It can also be an assortment of hues carefully placed through the lengths of your hair with a higher concentration of colour around the face and through the ends. Balayage can also be a statement, bold & strong, where the balance of light outweighs the dark.

Balayage hair colour

We can also create a reverse balayage, taking traditional blonde highlights back to being more natural and adding some texture and depth throughout the colour. Nowadays it’s all about effortless hair.

Below are some guidelines to maintenance timeframes and services we suggest based on the effect you are looking to achieve. We have added in application time, so you can see the difference in the amount of work that goes into each treatment. Please note that you also need to allow time for processing, toners, treatments, cut & blow-dry.


"The money piece." A pop of light and dimension around the face to create a beautiful face-framing effect to mimic the natural kiss of the suns brightness, as nature created it. This treatment includes a global toner to refresh.

6-8 weeks. Application time: 30 mins.

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Master Stylist


Power Pairings

A top up of existing balayage using a mixture of 2 techniques to maintain the colour and re-enhance the focal areas.

8-12 weeks. Application time: 60 mins.

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Master Stylist


Full Works

For clients new to balayage or existing clients who haven’t had it done in over 12 weeks. This treatment includes all of the techniques needed to achieve the full balayage effect.

12 + weeks. Application time: 90 mins.

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Root Touch

5-20 mins
15-20 mins
10-15 mins
15-20 mins
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