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Back in 2014 Founder and Head Stylist Toni fell sick for a period of about 18 months. After endless check-ups and doctor appointments, she found out that she had a toxic level of metals in her system. A naturopath physician advised a complete lifestyle change - from changing the kind of water she drinks to changing the types of food she can consume. This especially affected her work, as she was handling chemicals daily with hair dye, straightening agents, etc.

While Toni and her team had tried natural products in the past, they never gave quite the desired effect needed. However, she was keen to try new lines to see if they met the high level of expectations they had as hairstylists for our clients. After lots of testing, trial and error, Toni and her team have settled on a handpicked selection of products with less chemicals that still achieve great results. A huge improvement is the colour range being PPD and Ammonia free.

Love Hair is proud to also use a chemical free smoothing treatment bhave. Find more information on our product page or at bhave hair.

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