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Love hair's unique hair cutting and colouring approach: exceeding customer satisfaction
February 6, 2024

Love hair's unique hair cutting and colouring approach: exceeding customer satisfaction

At the heart of a salon is its hairstylists

We can probably all agree that the heart of a salon is its hairstylists. They're the ones who breathe life into your hair - giving us that content and confident feeling again. But here in Singapore, we don’t believe the hairdressing course encompasses enough. 

That's precisely why at Love Hair, we pour our hearts into enriching and continually training our stylists. Training for us is more than just hair cutting. 

We provide our stylists with holistic training that sets the bar for excellence in the industry and maintains the best customer satisfaction. Let’s take you behind the scenes of our very own uniquely crafted and personalised hairdresser course.

Love Hair's training course
Love Hair's training course

Beyond hair cutting: Elevating the benchmark in hair training

Our founder Toni’s hair training journey, which started in the UK, offered her a profound sense of perspective. Lasting only 3-6 months, the hairdressing course in Singapore can sometimes feel too brief and a little rushed.

Toni herself was trained under the UK’s NVQ (National Vocational Qualification), a comprehensive 2-3 year training program, spanning from level 1 to 3. Using NVQ as her north star (supported by other training approaches from Kevin Murphy and Vidal Sassoon), she has designed a unique, robust training system that continues to guide and empower the Love Hair stylists.

An ever-evolving and personalised hairdressing course

While comprehensive, the NVQ hairdressing course still only covers the basics. Love Hair has always been dedicated to pushing the boundaries of excellence. 

That's why our training system has evolved over the years to meet higher standards, stay ahead of trends and incorporate cutting-edge techniques. We continuously update our training program to keep up to date with the industry.

Personalisation is at the heart of our approach. You know us; we believe in celebrating individuality. Every trainee, from our experienced stylists to our unique cases like our left-handed stylist, receives a tailor-made plan catering to their individual learning styles. We deep-dive into the best methods to help them learn and adapt their training specifically to their needs.

And let's not forget our step by step approach that allows our trainees to build both confidence and competence over time.

Hair cutting course at Love Hair Salon
Hair cutting course at Love Hair Salon

Building confidence: From simple hair cutting to hair mastery

The NVQ process can be a little boring for the trainee. Waiting 2 years to work on real clients can be frustrating. That's where Love Hair brings in a twist. We start off our trainees with consultations, gradually moving on to complementary services, eventually blossoming into full client services. 

While our budding stylists master the hard skills, we ensure that their soft skills - communication, attentiveness, patience - blossom alongside.

Every skill has its rhythm, its tempo, its due time. Different skills take different lengths of time to complete. For our stylists, they undergo (on average):

  • 3 months of blow dry training
  • 3 months of smoothing treatments
  • 1 year of hair cutting training
  • 1 year of colour training 

We teach theory and knowledge so the trainees know:

  • What you’re doing
  • Why you’re doing it
  • What happens if it goes wrong
  • How to correct it

During each module, our stylists work on models under supervision before being signed off onto real clients. Once they’ve completed each module, they are then allowed to apply these skills on real clients in the salon.

A never-ending journey

Our promise to you as a client is that we'll never stop learning and aiming for customer satisfaction. Not only do we keep all our stylists updated with all the chic trends and innovative techniques, but we also expose them to a variety of courses, like courses from the renowned Kevin Murphy academy and the online courses of Vidal Sassoon.

And it doesn’t stop there. Annually we offer in-depth training with renowned educators to during a 3-day training program. This fosters acknowledge sharing of unique ideas across our salons in Singapore and Hong Kong.

Ensuring continuous improvement, we hold quarterly staff reviews to identify learning needs and areas of growth to elevate our skills further. We refine, revamp and revitalise our training methods continually.

We're in a relentless pursuit to shape consistent, confident and well-trained hair experts.

At the heart of what we do: Customer satisfaction

Love Hair places you, our clients, at the centre of our universe. Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

Every penny we invest in training and development is an investment in your hair's health and beauty. Yes, that's why our services might be considered premium price - it’s directly proportional to the weather of experience and exceptional service we offer. 

When people question the price and say things like “it never used to cost so much”. We show them images of hair styles and colours from 10-15-20 years ago. It's incredible how things have evolved since then! We’ve invested to stay at the forefront of the industry so you can have the kind of hair that matches your expectations. Trust us, we're not about that 2001 over-processed colour damage anymore! We're all about embracing modern techniques and giving you the best, most sustainable hair care experience possible.

We aim to surpass your expectations for maximum customer satisfaction. 

Love Hair team training
Love Hair team training

Nurturing confident and well-trained Stylists: The Love Hair promise

Our commitment to ongoing training, our passion to build consistently confident and well-trained stylists, and our unwavering dedication to ensure customer satisfaction - that's Love Hair for you!

We go beyond just hair cutting. We make sure that we:

  • Hire good people
  • Continuously train and develop them 
  • Build their confidence
  • Continuously improve and hone their skills 

Allowing them to become masters in what they do. 

From NVQ to Kevin Murphy and Vidal Sassoon, we ingrain these training processes so that it shines through in what we do. Ultimately, it’s all for you, to provide you with the best customer satisfaction and customer experience. 

From happy teams to happy customers, we promise to continue this happy cycle and lift each other up.

Schedule an appointment with us and feel the magic of what a good hairstyle can provide. We can’t wait to show you what we got!

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