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The Art of Curly Hair: Mastering Curls at Love Hair
May 31, 2024

The Art of Curly Hair: Mastering Curls at Love Hair

We are no stranger to curls.

At Love Hair, we've always prided ourselves on our ability to cater to all hair types, including the unpredictable but utterly lovely world of curly hair. However, recognising that the journey to mastering curls is ongoing, we decided to double down on our commitment. 

Taking our services a step further, we’ve recently undergone specialised training focused exclusively on all things curl, from wavy hair and other curly hair types to curly hair products and how to style curly hair, moving beyond the general techniques to embrace the unique challenges and beauty of curly hair. Here are some of the things we’re excited to bring to the table.

Curly hair cut and colour, before and after
Curly hair cut and colour, before and after

Love Hair’s approach to curly hair

Historically, our approach to all hair, including curls, has been broadly technique-based. And while this has served our clients, our stylists have voiced a need to focus more on curly hair. Why curly hair? Because the art of curly hair isn’t a one-size-fits-all affair. Many hairdressers can feel uncomfortable with curly hair because it can be challenging to give new details to clients who have known the inside and out of their curly hair their entire lives. 

The fact of the matter is…clients know their hair best. They’ve lived with it their whole lives. Unfortunately, we’ve heard stories from clients about salons not understanding what they want and completely deviating from their desired result. This is especially true with curly hair and wavy hair clients.

This is why we’ve taken on further training primarily for curls, differentiating between various curl types and determining how these differences impact cutting, colouring and styling. This is in line with Love Hair’s ethos to continuously train and upgrade our stylists - read more about that here. With a deeper understanding comes better confidence and better language to communicate effectively with our clients exactly what they want and to deliver it perfectly. 

Curly hair cut and colour, before and after
Curly hair cut and colour, before and after

Understanding the curl

Curly hair is incredibly diverse and understanding its anatomy and its types is crucial for effective care.

The difference between straight hair and curly hair lies in the shape of the follicle, which determines the overall shape of hair. Follicles that grow from the scalp in a curved pattern produce curly hair or wavy hair, whereas straight hair follicles tunnel into the scalp in a straight pattern.

Straight, wavy and curly hair follicle illustration
Straight, wavy and curly hair follicle illustration

Because there are many curly hair types, from wavy hair to tight curls, curl cate categorization systems become vital in caring for your specific type of curl. The Andre Walker system is one of the widely used categorization systems which classifies hair into 4 different types, each with 3 further subtypes according to how wavy or curly the hair is.

Straight, wavy, curly and kinky hair illustration
Straight, wavy, curly and kinky hair illustration

The LOIS system offers a more nuanced approach by focusing on the actual shape of the hair strand and its texture. It divides curly hair types into four categories:

L: Bend - If the strand has all sharp angles and bends with little to no curve, you are in the L category.

O: Curl - If the strand curls into the shape of an “O,” then it’s an O type.

I: Straight - Hair strands that don’t curve or bend.

S: Wave - If the strand looks like an “S” shape, it’s categorised as an S.

In this classification, texture and strand thickness are also considered.

Your curly hair and you

While these systems help us identify different curl types and inform our approach to each client's cut, colour and style, what these systems help us with most of all is finding the language to properly communicate with our clients about their curly hair. It allows our stylists to speak the same language as our clients, so that they can ask the right questions during consultations. We delve into topics such as:

  • How do they wear their hair normally
  • What’s their current routine
  • What’s worked before - with cut, colour, styling etc. 
  • What are the struggles - styling and management 

But fundamentally, we seek to answer these three questions with every client:

  • Where they are now.
  • What do they want.
  • Where they want to be.

Conversations with our clients are a two-way street. We learn from them as much as they learn from us - after all, they’ve been living with their hair all their lives. This is how we create a customised care plan for each client - one that is uniquely tailored for their unique curly hair.

Curly hair cut and colour, before and after
Curly hair cut and colour, before and after

The best curly hair products

The best curly hair products keep your hair nourished, hydrated and well-defined. At Love Hair, we've explored an array of products that cater specifically to the needs of different curly hair types. 

In our opinion, a standout in the best curly hair products is the Kevin Murphy curl range, renowned for its natural ingredients and efficacy across various curl types. It provides lasting hydration and enhances elasticity.

Another favourite is the IN curl cream and gel, boasting 98% natural ingredients, designed to enhance curl definition without weighing them down. It’s the best curly hair products for curly to coily hair types, great for achieving definition and moisture retention. 

Almost all curly hair types use gel. Gels are best applied to soaking wet hair to help create a caste so the curls maintain their form.

These products help maintain the integrity of the curls. Ensuring moisture, defining curls and reducing frizz - all the hallmarks of the best curly hair products.

Curly hair cut and colour, before and after
Curly hair cut and colour, before and after

How to style curly hair

We understand that most people with curly hair would know how to style curly hair. The massive classification of curly hair, from coily to wavy hair, makes caring for it individualised and tailored. Despite this, here are some general rules on how to better style your curly hair:

  • Keep hair wet: Apply styling products to soaking wet hair to help seal in moisture and encourage well-defined curls from the outset.
  • Wet cut approach: Go for a wet cut if you desire a more even length throughout or if you frequently straighten your curls.
  • Dry cut advantage: Opt for a dry cut to properly sculpt your curls, taking the natural fall and pattern of your curls into consideration.
  • Using a diffuser: A diffuser can boost your curl definition and increase overall volume while keeping frizz at bay. It's optimal for achieving springy, defined curls.
  • Air-drying method: Lets your curls set naturally with minimal interference, which is especially beneficial for the health of your hair. Great for curls that have a strong natural pattern.
  • Strategic colouring: Pick colouring methods that enhance your hair's dimensionality without compromising on moisture, avoiding unnecessary damage. Most importantly following the lead from the placement of your Natural curls.

Curly hair cut and colour, before and after

How we care for your curly or wavy hair

At Love Hair, we recognise the uniqueness of each curl and strive to provide personalised hair care that respects and enhances the natural beauty of curly hair. Here are the key considerations we take into account:

Individual curl patterns: Through our consultations, we take into consideration the unique needs and preference of each individual hair.

Hydration and moisture balance: Curly hair often struggles with moisture retention. We focus on hydration treatments and recommend products that maintain an optimal moisture-protein balance essential for curl health and elasticity.

Gentle handling techniques: Curly hair is more susceptible to breakage and damage due to its complex structure. Therefore, we avoid harsh brushing and opt for wide-tooth combs or finger detangling instead. 

Healthy hair cutting practices: Recognising that curly hair cuts are not one-size-fits-all, our stylists are trained in both wet and dry cutting techniques. This allows us to sculpt your hair in its natural state, respecting the curl's integrity and achieving a shape that enhances your natural curl pattern.

Educating our clients: Beyond recommending the best products for curly hair, we also empower our clients with knowledge from types of curly hair to how to style curly hair. Each session offers personalised advice on how to maintain curls at home, ensuring you can confidently manage your hair between salon visits.

Understanding that the journey doesn't end at the salon, we're also excited to offer a curly hair masterclass. This extended appointment is designed to educate and empower our clients (whether you have truly coiling curly hair or soft wavy hair), enabling them to manage and embrace their curls confidently at home.

Curly hair cut and colour, before and after
Curly hair cut and colour, before and after

From techniques to trust

Our advanced curly hair training has significantly shifted our stylists' approach, making them more confident in their craft. During this power-packed training session, we’ve gleaned 3 main takeaways:

  • Listening intently: Our stylists have learned to value the client's insights, acknowledging that the client often knows their hair best.
  • Technique placement: We've refined our technique selection, ensuring we choose the right approach for each curl type.
  • Innovative styling: Embracing new styling methods has enabled us to deliver outstanding, personalised results.

Whether opting for wet or dry cuts, we prioritise the client's preference, understanding that the individual's curl pattern necessitates a bespoke approach to both cutting and colouring. This customisation extends to our product selection.

Love Hair team training day with owner (Toni) and educators (Claire and Paris)

Love Hair’s care factor

Our care factor is our guiding principle. We're dedicated to never stopping our learning journey, continually improving to ensure every client leaves our salon loving their hair more than ever before. Through these measures, we are elevating not just our knowledge, from how to style curly hair to the best curly hair products, but also our service in order to not meet but exceed the expectations of our clients with diverse curly hair types.

If your curls have yet to find their perfect match, or if you're seeking to deepen your own understanding of your hair, join us at Love Hair. Let's explore the beautiful world of curls together.

Book your consultation or masterclass with us and dive deeper into the art of curly hair care. Your curls deserve expertise, dedication and love.

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