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The Magic of Purple Shampoo for Beautiful Blonde Hair
March 2, 2024

The Magic of Purple Shampoo for Beautiful Blonde Hair

We’re no stranger to colour. In fact, 80% of our clients at Love Hair have some kind of colour treatment. We’ve become the go-to space for achieving bright, non-brassy blonde hair in Singapore.

Beautiful blonde hair magic doesn’t just happen in the salon. Like all things hair-related, the most vital aspect of maintaining your bright colours is haircare. And this starts with purple shampoo, especially purple shampoo for bleached hair. In this article, we’ll get into the ins and outs of using purple shampoo, including some tips and facts you might not know about.

Purple shampoo: the secret of bright blonde hair

Feel like your once glistening blonde hair has taken a dive into brassiness? It happens to the best of us. Purple shampoo and products are the go-to solution to fight brassiness on light and blonde hair. They neutralise yellow tones and restore the freshness and brightness to your blonde hair's.

Misunderstandings around purple shampoo for bleached hair and purple products often lead to misuse though. Here at Love Hair, we want to help you understand  the process better.

Ashy vs creamy tones

We can’t tell you how many times clients have said "I don't want yellow or brassy hair". However, aiming to avoid yellow can sometimes swing us towards another extreme: ash tones. 

The 90s ruined it for blondes in many respects - everyone is scared of getting that typical 90s brassy hair so many opt to get ash tones. 

The sweet spot of blonde hair lies in the gold and creamy blondes. They reflect more light, making the hair appear brighter and warmer. Ashy colours are a total opposite of this, they can make hair seem duller and darker, as ash tones absorb light rather than reflect it.

Achieving the right kind of blonde hair

At Love Hair, we value individuality. That’s why we always make sure you get a consultation before we even lay a finger on your hair. Understanding our client’s desires is paramount in the process of making that desire happen. It is especially important in light of the misunderstandings many hold about bright blonde hair and ashy blondes. 

People perceive colours differently. Our stylists take time to interpret the clients’ hair goals, matching colours with skin tone and managing the clients’ expectations. It’s an important part of our training process - you can read more about that here.

The cost of technology

The brilliance of today's haircare technology and advanced formulations do come at a cost though. But they're worth every penny as they keep your hair healthier and looking fabulous. No more 90s brassy, fried hair from overprocessing! The products at Love Hair are packed with enriching ingredients that lovingly nourish your hair and justify the cost.

The do’s and don’t of purple shampoo

The trick to keeping that bright blonde hair is understanding the proper usage of your magic purple potion. There's an art to getting it right. Here’s a few tips to guide your use of purple shampoo for bleached hair:

  • Do not use purple products for 2-3 weeks after colouring. This could result in your hair looking more ashy and appear darker and duller.
  • Purple shampoo should be used about once per week. Some can go longer between uses. Remember, the more you use it, the ashier your hair gets, reducing its brightness.
  • Plan ahead! Do not use it for at least 2 weeks before you have your next salon colouring. Purple products coat your hair cuticles and removing that build-up is challenging.
  • Do use colour-safe products; after all, the secret behind our gorgeous blondes includes remarkable products such as the Kevin Murphy Blonde Angel line.
  • Leave the purple shampoo for about 3-5 minutes. Keep an eye on the clock! The longer you leave it, the more ashy it’s going to be.
  • Always accompany your purple shampoo use with moisturising and colour-safe products as the shampoo can be drying. A little extra care never hurt anybody!

The best purple products for your hair

The humidity in Singapore makes it harder to keep your blonde tresses golden. Luckily, hair technology has come a long way and we have purple products for the rescue. We’ve handpicked some of our favourites:  

For the strongest purple treatment, we recommend Olaplex. Olaplex blonde shampoo is an award-winning shampoo designed to keep your luscious locks in their best shape by correcting brassy tones and enhancing radiant cool ones. It revitalises and protects your hair, re-linking broken bonds caused by colouring, heat, and regular styling, leaving your hair that's not just beautifully blonde, but also strong, hydrated, and healthier.

For less intense purple products that won’t coat your hair too much, BHave purple shampoo and conditioner is a great choice. It’s gentler to your hair and it’ll keep your blonde hair bright for longer.

Kevin Murphy’s Blonde angel shampoo and blonde angel treatment is somewhere in the middle, intensity-wise. It keeps the shine of your blonde hair while rejuvenating your tresses. 

At Love Hair, we use colour-safe products for all our clients who have colour treatments. 

Your blonde hair, your beautiful choice

Your dream blonde hair doesn’t start and end in the salon. A lot hinges on knowing how to take care of your hair in between salon visits. From purple shampoo to colour-safe products, you have the power to keep gleaming like the sun with a little effort and a lot of love. 

Just like you, your hair is unique, and so, its journey will be too. And we at Love Hair will always be here to help you achieve the blonde hair of your dreams.

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