Toni | Founder, Director

Toni | Founder, Director

"I love making people happy and feel good about themselves - it makes me feel proud to be a hair stylist."

Toni started out a typical Saturday girl whilst finishing her schooling in England. She first established herself at a top London salon, where education was top priority. This has continued with her through her 18 year career, meaning she is always researching and experimenting with the top trends and techniques. Toni's true passion is on the salon floor with her clients, working with them to develop their individuality and creativeness.

Clear communication is at the heart of Toni’s philosophy, giving complete attention to each client. With her bespoke and honest approach to customer service, she has built an extensive customer base in Hong Kong & now expanding the business in Singapore creating loyal, lifelong clients.

Healthier, happier hair with style.

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