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Hair trends for 2024: wolf cuts & natural hair colours
December 1, 2023

Hair trends for 2024: wolf cuts & natural hair colours

Hair trends are ever-evolving!

From the bold and daring styles of the '80s to the sleek and polished looks of the 2000s, the world of hair has always been a canvas for self-expression. We’re seeing wolf cuts and natural hair colours trending.

More than ever, people are embracing their natural beauty and celebrating their own unique charm. At Love Hair, we wholeheartedly support this movement towards embracing and enhancing who you truly are. That's why we couldn't be more thrilled to share with you our predictions for the hair trends of 2024 - an ode to natural beauty.

We understand the importance of a trendy hairstyle and being both fashion-forward and respectful of individual tastes and preferences. Our stylists are trained to understand how to interpret the current trends into real life styles that our clients can manage and embrace.

Colour blocking: Fun with a touch of elegance

Colour blocking is a statement style. Think of it as the hair version of colour block makeup and clothing - vibrant and playful. This technique involves colouring a section of your hair in a contrasting shade, making it stand out against the rest of your locks. It's all about creating an eye-catching and trendy hairstyle. 

We find in Asia that styles are a little more conservative. We’ve refined colour blocking to match our clients’ expectations, using softer elegant hues that are closer to natural hair colours. These delicately soften the face, creating a statement without overwhelming. 

We use Kevin Murphy products, the renowned hair care brand that prioritises natural ingredients. Not only do they create stunning colours, but they also align with our commitment to natural beauty. Kevin Murphy products are cruelty-free, avoiding harmful chemicals wherever possible. Express your uniqueness and boldness the natural way!

Warmer tones and golden elegance

We’re seeing a movement away from the ashy blondes that have been so popular these last few years. Ashy styles can be harder to maintain and can also make the hair appear a little dull.

We are noticing a shift towards creamy, golden blondes - people are embracing the more golden tones and natural hair colours. These warmer shades create an elegant radiance that lets the natural beauty of your hair shine. 

We're all about infusing life and vibrancy into your hair, ensuring you leave our salon with a golden glow that turns heads.

Golden tones

Natural hair colours and less chemicals 

At Love Hair we are always emphasising healthy hair. We aspire for long-lasting colour without the damaging effects of bleach. Natural beauty through natural hair colours is the way to go.

This trend that started recently is showing no sign of stopping. Clients are increasingly opting to maintain their natural hair colours as a base while integrating subtle, warmer tones. This shift towards healthier hair shows the growing awareness of the potential damage caused by traditional bleaching methods. 

Love Hair is the champion of this trend - our salon is moving towards ethical hair care products with less chemicals and provides non-bleach colour options that not only last longer but also promote the overall health and vitality of your hair.

Natural hair colours

Layered cuts and the wolf cut

The evolution of cuts has moved from blunt cuts to more textured, layered styles. Drawing inspiration from iconic cuts of the past, such as the shag and wolf cut, we've modernised these classics to suit the more conservative styles embraced in Asia. 

We are seeing the wolf cut with a contemporary twist, emphasising texture and movement while maintaining a solid baseline. Our stylists understand the importance of adapting a trendy hairstyle to the local climate, ensuring your cut not only looks great but also feels comfortable in the Singaporean humidity.

Layered cuts

Grey Blending and Embracing Natural Beauty 

Post-COVID, the trend is all about embracing natural beauty, and grey blending takes centre stage. No longer confined to covering greys, clients are opting to blend them in subtly, extending the time between salon visits while promoting healthier hair. 

Jamie Lee Curtis (actress), Salma Hayek (actress), Dawn French (comedian) and Lily Allen (singer) are examples of women embracing their natural hair colours and blending their grey hairs. Not only is it a fashion statement but also a celebration of the beauty that comes with age. 

Whether it's a gradual embrace or a bold shift, our stylists are here to make grey blending a personalised and beautiful experience.

The bob alternative - the ‘skinny lob’

“Lobs” have been popular for years. As the year wraps up, we’re welcoming a new kind of bob, the skinny bob. 

It’s the longest a bob can elegantly be without crossing into long hair territory – a perfect fusion of style and comfort for Singapore’s perpetual tropical climate.

The ‘skinny lob’ stands out for its flattering effect, making it an excellent choice for those with rounder or wider face shapes. Its charm lies in the absence of heavy layers and obvious blunt lines, resulting in a smooth and soft finish. 

At Love Hair our stylists can create this chic and elongated silhouette so you will look effortlessly elegant all day.

Bonus Trend for Asia - Frizz-Free Brilliance

Living in a humid climate presents its challenges, especially when it comes to maintaining your desired trendy hairstyle. Our stylists try to balance the desires for fashion forward styles and the realistic maintenance with higher levels of humidity - no style looks great with lots of frizz! 

Enter the Bhave keratin treatment – a game-changer for frizz-free, manageable hair. This treatment not only maximises your chosen style but also reduces drying time, making daily styling a breeze. It's the secret weapon against humidity, ensuring your trendy hairstyle looks fabulous all day, every day. 

If you're curious about the wonders of Bhave, check out our dedicated blog for more details.

Conclusion - A word about trends

2024 is coming and natural beauty is queen.

As we delve into the world of hair trends for 2024, remember that trends come and go - but your style is timeless. Our commitment is to provide you with a trend and a look that resonates with your personality and lifestyle. 

Whether you're exploring colour blocking, a wolf cut and textured cuts, natural hair colours or grey blending, our salon is your partner in creating a style that is uniquely yours. 

Embrace the trends, stay fabulous, and let your hair tell its unique story.

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